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TERADATA Online Training Course

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TERADATA Online Training Course

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What is Teradata why for it is what for it is

οƒ˜ What is Teradata?
οƒ˜ Teradatav12 &versions
οƒ˜ Teradata History
οƒ˜ Teradata users scalability
οƒ˜ Teradata &other RDBMS
οƒ˜ Teradata warehouse
οƒ˜ Teradata in the Enterprise
οƒ˜ Interview Q&A and Certification queries
οƒ˜ Real time Issues & resolving

Teradata architecture & it’s components

οƒ˜ Node Architecture(Shared Architecture)
οƒ˜ SMP Architecture
οƒ˜ MPP Architecture
οƒ˜ Parsing engine(PE) Architecture
οƒ˜ AMP Architecture &uses
οƒ˜ Bynet Benefits &types
οƒ˜ Parallel data extension(PDE)
οƒ˜ Teradata directory program(TDP)
οƒ˜ Call level interface(CLI)
οƒ˜ Trusted parallel application(TPA)
οƒ˜ Virtual processors
οƒ˜ Bynet 0 &Bynet 1
οƒ˜ Parallism Architecture

Recovery &protection of Data

οƒ˜ What is fall back &where it used
οƒ˜ Why for fall back
οƒ˜ What is Clique
οƒ˜ AMP Clustering
οƒ˜ Locks & types for simultaneous Access
οƒ˜ Why for locks &how to release
οƒ˜ RAID 1 &RAID 5
οƒ˜ Journals &types
οƒ˜ Virtual Disk Array
οƒ˜ How & where is used journals
οƒ˜ Q & A about data recovery

Teradata indexes

οƒ˜ Types of indexes in Teradata
οƒ˜ Hash index
οƒ˜ Join index
οƒ˜ Primary index(unique, non- unique)
οƒ˜ Secondary index(unique, non- unique)
οƒ˜ Skewness
οƒ˜ Keys & indexes (How & why these used)

How to storage & retrieval of data

οƒ˜ Hash algorithm
οƒ˜ Row hash
οƒ˜ Hash map
οƒ˜ Hash bucket
οƒ˜ Receiving VDisc

Teradata SQL Quarryman

οƒ˜ SQL fundamentals
οƒ˜ Data types and literals
οƒ˜ DDL Statements
οƒ˜ DML Statements
οƒ˜ Teradata naming conversing

Teradata SQL Functions & operations

οƒ˜ String functions
οƒ˜ Format functions
οƒ˜ Cast functions
οƒ˜ Cast functions
οƒ˜ Group & Aggregation functions
οƒ˜ Logical operations
οƒ˜ Arithmetic operations
οƒ˜ set operations
οƒ˜ join operations
οƒ˜ conditional expressions

Teradata join strategies & unions

οƒ˜ hash join
οƒ˜ merge join
οƒ˜ nested join
οƒ˜ product join
οƒ˜ inner join
οƒ˜ left & right outer join
οƒ˜ full outer join

Teradata basic commands

οƒ˜ Help
οƒ˜ Show
οƒ˜ Explain
οƒ˜ Collect statistics

Teradata objects
οƒ˜ Types of tables
β€’ Set tables
β€’ Multi tables
β€’ Volatile tables
o Global temporary tables
o Derived tables
οƒ˜ Views
οƒ˜ Macros
οƒ˜ Stored procedures
οƒ˜ Triggers

Teradata memory spaces

οƒ˜ Permanent spaces
οƒ˜ Temporary spaces
οƒ˜ Spool spaces
οƒ˜ Users spaces & PWD

Teradata transaction modes

οƒ˜ Batch mode
οƒ˜ BTET mode
οƒ˜ ANSI mode
οƒ˜ How Converted into others

Teradata performance tuning on SQL Assistance

οƒ˜ Usage of PMON
οƒ˜ Explain usage
οƒ˜ Collecting statistics
οƒ˜ SQL tuning
οƒ˜ Various SQL statements
οƒ˜ Real time Issues & resolving

Teradata Utilities & Tools (Import & Export)

οƒ˜ Teradata BTeq scripts
β€’ Overview of BTeq
β€’ Looping stages
β€’ Batches scripts
β€’ Import &export scripts with Examples
β€’ Error handling
β€’ Real time scripts

οƒ˜ Teradata FastLoad
β€’ Types of phages & how to find it
β€’ Advantages & its process
β€’ Limitations of fast load
β€’ Real time scripts

οƒ˜ Teradata MultiLoad
o Overview of Multi load
β€’ Types of phages in MultiLoad
β€’ Advantages & its process
β€’ Limitations of MultiLoad
β€’ Uses various types of operations
o Work on Multi tables
β€’ Real time scripts
o Sample scripts

οƒ˜ Teradata Tpump
β€’ Overview of Tpump
β€’ Limitations of Tpump
β€’ Work on Multi tables
β€’ Real time scripts
o Sample scripts

οƒ˜ Teradata Fast Export
β€’ How to export the data
o Passing parameters
o IN/OUT Modes
o Work on Multi tables
β€’ Real time scripts
o Sample scripts

οƒ˜ Teradata SQL Assistant(Quarryman)
οƒ˜ Teradata performance monitor
οƒ˜ Teradata Administrator usage
οƒ˜ Teradata performance tuning on scripts

οƒΌ Covering DBA concepts
οƒΌ Concentration on performance tuning
οƒΌ Real time scenarios
οƒΌ Certification guidance
οƒΌ Resume preparation
οƒΌ Sample resumes
οƒΌ Interview & certification FAQS
οƒΌ How to face the interview
οƒΌ Class notes which is useful for who is trying for job
οƒΌ Project preparation

Courses Offerings

β€’ Android
β€’ AIX Administration
β€’ Business Analyst
β€’ CCNA, CCNP Security
β€’ Citrix XenApp
β€’ Cognos 10 BI & Tm1
β€’ Crystal Reports
β€’ Data Stage
β€’ DB2 DBA
β€’ Dot Net
β€’ DAC
β€’ Google Web Tool Kit
β€’ IBM Lotus Notes (Development)
β€’ IBM Lotus Notes Domino Server Administration
β€’ IBM Message Broker
β€’ IBM MQ Series
β€’ IBM Tivoli Access Manager
β€’ IBM Web Sphere Application Server Administration (WAS)
β€’ IBM WAS Portal server Development
β€’ IBM Websphere Transformation extender (WTX 8.2)
β€’ Informatica
β€’ I Phone
β€’ Java/J2EE
β€’ J Query
β€’ MicroSoft .NET Technologies (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET)
β€’ Microstrategy
β€’ MicroSoft Business Intelligence
β€’ MicroSoft Dynamics CRM
β€’ OBIEE 11 g
β€’ Oracle APPS – HRMS
β€’ Oracle APPS – SCM
β€’ Oracle APPS – Financial
β€’ Oracle APPS – Technical
β€’ Oracle BI Apps
β€’ Oracle BI Publisher
β€’ Oracle DBA 11g
β€’ Oracle RAC
β€’ Oracle Fusion SOA
β€’ Oracle SQL , PL SQL
β€’ PHP
β€’ Perl Scripting
β€’ SAP SD , BO , FICO , BI / BW , APO , BPC
β€’ Sales Force CRM
β€’ SharePoint Server 2010
β€’ Shell Scripting
β€’ Siebel CRM , EAI, E-Scripting
β€’ SQL Server DBA
β€’ Springs and Hibernate
β€’ Storage Area Network ( SAN)
β€’ Tera Data
β€’ Testing Tools - QTP, QC, Load Runner, Selenium, ISTQB
β€’ TIBCO BW, BE, TIBCO I Process
β€’ Tivoli Access Manager
β€’ Unix Administration
β€’ VN Ware
β€’ Webmethods
β€’ Webservices , SOAP ( JAVA)

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