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Iphone IOS Project Training

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Iphone IOS Project Training

Ref: SGC133080
Future Point Technologies
iPhone Programming with Swift Training Course ( Swift 3.0, iphone 10.0)

Course Description: This iPhone programming training course, covers the key skills required to rapidly develop software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Using a clear, step-by-step lecture, followed by specific lab exercises, you will quickly learn and master valuable iPhone Programming skills. Both Mac "newbies" and seasoned Mac professionals will gain new insight and clarity into iPhone Programming.

- Overview of swift language
- Difference between Swift and Objective-C
- Environment setup
- Basic swift Syntaxes

Session-2 Operators &Data Types
- Optionals,Optional-Binding and primitive data types
- Characters and Strings
- Variables
- Constants
- Operators (All symbol operators)

Session-3 Conditionals & Control Flow
- Decision making
- Value Bindings
- Where Clause
- Continue
- Break
- Switch
- Loop statements
- While
- For-In
- For-Conditional-Increment
- For Each

Session-4Collection Types
- Basic Array creations
- Array Literals
- Accessing and Modifying an Array
- Iterating Over an Array
- Creating and Initializing an Array
- Mutability of Arrays
- Basic Dictionaries creations
- Accessing and Modifying a Dictionary
- Iterating Over a Dictionary
- Mutability of Dictionaries

Session-5 Enumerations& Closures
- Declaration of enumeration and access
- Enumerate Arrays
- Syntax and declaring Closures

Session-6 Classes, members,Functions& Structures
- Class syntax and Creating classes
- Basic syntax of functions
- Simple functions
- Functions with arguments
- Functions with return type
- Access functions
- Declare structures
- Subscripts

Session-7 Inheritance and Properties
- Class hierarchy & Inheritance of classes
- Declare properties and access outside classes
- Type casting

Session-8-9Extensions, Access Controls and Protocols
- Class extensions
- Declare protocols and access
- Generics
- Access Control
- Generics
- Optional chaining
Session-10-13XCode Tool &UI Design
- Interface builder and Storyboards
- Static Design by drag&drop from Library panel
- Creating basic UI App
- Connection inspector -IBOutLets and IBActions
- Access UI elements from Storyboard/XIB to class files.

Session-14UIControls and UIViewControllers
- Different control events of UI elements
- UI elements event handling
- Creating single Views
- Creating custom views
Session-15Basic UIKIT Controls and properties
- Creating UITextfields, UILabels, UIButton
- UISwitch, UISlider, UIActivityIndicatorView, UISegementedControl
- UITextViews
- Change Properties of UI elements

Session-16Image Views and Animations
- Creating UIImageViews
- Display Images
- Display multiple images and Image Animations
- Loading Remote located Images
- Download images

Session-17Dynamic UI design and Advanced Controls
- Generic steps for code based UI elements design
- Create Dynamic UI design programmatically
- Apply properties and background views
- Adding sub views
- Frames and bounds
- CGRect and CGSize
- UIScrollView
- Scrollable content screens
Session-18-19Navigation Controls
- Creating Navigation controls
- Initializing navigation controller
- Login page creation with multiple screens
- Push and Pop actions
- Animations while navigation
- Present and dismiss screens
- Back buttons and UIBarButton Items
- Display screen navigation title bars

Session-20UIWebView and HTML Content
- Creating basic Web view
- Create and Load websites
- Display scrollable content
- Edit and display html content
- Creating design using Html
- Add CSS properties
- Load html, CSS and JS files
- Load html content from files

Session-20-23Table Views and Collection Views
- UITableView Data source and Delegate protocols
- Creating Tableviews
- Display content in listorder(ex: Contacts app)
- Creating group table views
- Creating multi sections, cells and rows
- Creating custom TableViews
- Creating Grid views using UICollectionView
- Data source and delegate protocols of UICollectionView
- Making Table views using Collection views
- Display images and text on cell items
- Event Actions for items in Table views and collection views
- Detail disclosures for cell items

Session-24Media Services

- Play sound for audio and video
- Creating audio player- play, pause,volume and stop etc.
- Movie player Play and display videos
- Play remote audio and video files
- Handle default controls of video player

Session-25-26Map Views and Location services
- Creating and display map views
- Change Map type
- Authenticatelocation permissions
- Display current user location
- Display a region or places on map
- Access user current location details
- Access current location address information
- Updated location while user navigation
- Calculate distance between locations
- Creating and display annotations pins
- Handle events of annotations

Session-27-29Web Services and Directory Creations
- Creating directories
- Write content in file directories
- Read content from files from folders
- Update content
- Interact with server Database
- Download and upload data from/to server
- JSON parsing
- XML parsing

Session-29-32Databases in iOS
- Store data offline within device
- Creating and fetch data from Plist database
- Creating SQLite database and setup DB paths
- Creating tables and statement & execution steps
- SQLite crud operations (Insert, fetch, update, read and delete)
- Core Data operations (iOS native)
- Creating directories
- Write content in file directories
- Read content from files from folders
- Update content
- Bridging Objective-C to Swift

Session-33Quality Assurance
- Debug and test Application
- Profiling of App
- Performance and time delay in navigations
- Allocations and Leakages

Session-34App store submission
- Purchase Apple account
- Creating Development certificates
- Creating App Bundle Identifiers
- Adding Apple mobile devices UDID’s
- Creating provisioning profiles
- Code signing in Xcode
- Running app on device
- Archive and creating IPA
- App store distribution

Courses Offerings

• Android
• AIX Administration
• Business Analyst
• CCNA, CCNP Security
• Citrix XenApp
• Cognos 10 BI & Tm1
• Crystal Reports
• Data Stage
• Dot Net
• Google Web Tool Kit
• IBM Lotus Notes (Development)
• IBM Lotus Notes Domino Server Administration
• IBM Message Broker
• IBM MQ Series
• IBM Tivoli Access Manager
• IBM Web Sphere Application Server Administration (WAS)
• IBM WAS Portal server Development
• Informatica
• I Phone
• Java/J2EE
• J Query
• MicroSoft .NET Technologies (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET)
• Microstrategy
• MicroSoft Business Intelligence
• MicroSoft Dynamics CRM
• OBIEE 11 g
• Oracle APPS – HRMS
• Oracle APPS – SCM
• Oracle APPS – Financial
• Oracle APPS – Technical
• Oracle BI Apps
• Oracle BI Publisher
• Oracle DBA 11g
• Oracle RAC
• Oracle Fusion SOA
• Oracle SQL , PL SQL
• Perl Scripting
• SAP SD , BO , FICO , BI / BW , APO , BPC

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