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Trend Analyser Best Charting Software

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It is critical to have the right charting software to trade on the stock, futures, and other financial instruments. The right software can give you an edge in today’s competitive markets. Our product ‘Trend Analyser’ has been developed keeping all the key ingredients in mind such as trading tools, data management, ease of use and performance. Trend Analyser is a professional charting and analysis software that comes with state-of-the-art tools to determine trend, momentum, buy and sell points for stocks. Features at a glance Trend Analyser is a very good charting software because it is packed with all the tools you need to analyse the market. A lot of products boast of hundreds of indicators but that may not necessarily lead to better analysis. Trend Analyser has been designed and developed focused on the Indian stock market with standard and custom indicators developed by S2 Analytics. Moreover we give proprietary trading strategies which outperform standard techniques. Our easy to use product along with reliable data makes it one the top charting software currently available. Superb Charting Charting is powerful and easy with Trend Analyser (TA). You can view different types of chart such as Renkoi, Kagi, Three line break, Range Bar etc. Every chart window can be customized to suit your needs. Workspace and templates help you organize charts and indicators. Our other tools such as sector index, heat map, trade simulation etc. help in your analysis. One of the most important function of Trend Analyser is help you identify a trend. The trend could be short term, medium term or long term depending on what you are looking for. We have several tools that help you achieve the same. Among them are a bunch of trading strategies which are extremely useful and some of them are our proprietary strategies such as : Trend Energy, Escala, TA Turtle, C9 Reversal, Chaos Alligator, TA Forecast. Market Scanner Trend Analyser market scanner allows you to find stocks like never before. It's a powerful and multi-purpose scanner which gives you the ability to uncover profit making opportunities. You can perform scans before, during and after market hours. Whether you are a novice or experienced trader, real time market scanner is an indispensable tool for trading stocks. Trade Editor Basic Language Trade Editor is a computer programming platform for creating technical indicators, queries (scans), strategies and optimization. Basic Language Trade Editor uses the powerful VB.NET engine to run your code. The language is easy to learn and very powerful. Sector Index Sector Index summarizes the performance of stocks grouped by specific market sectors. This allows user to benchmark the performance of a particular stock market sector or industry. Though we provide data for several popular sectors like Bank, IT, FMCG etc. the program has inbuilt facility to create sector data for you. This powerful too will enable you to create and rebalance your own sectors at the click of a button. At S2 Analytics we have been giving market data for over 2 decades. In our product Trend Analyser you will get 5 min real time data for stock futures, NSE currency, 30 min data for equites and eod data for all Indian exchanges. The data quality and reliability is high. Updating real time and historical data is also very easy in Trend Analyser. Learning how to use Trend Analyser is easy. Most of the menu names are intuitive and most options have one or two lines that describes its functionality. Online help is present which has details on every aspect of the program. S2 Analytics is dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. We provide comprehensive support for our products so that you can resolve your usage issues quickly. Get offers and stock tips through message center. Get intimation on new strategies and discount offers in the product itself. If you are facing any problem we will be happy to take your computer on remote support to solve it.

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