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Fish Collagen Peptide16

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Fish Collagen Peptide16

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Product Name:Fish Collagen Peptide
Product Description:
Product Name: Fish collagen peptide
Appearance: White or off-white powder
Protein content: 98%
Main Ingredient: Collagen Protein Powder
Sample: Available

Product Details
Product Name:Fish collagen peptide
Product Description >>
Fish collagen peptide

It is a small molecular oligopeptide with a relative molecular weight of 200-800 Dalton, which is prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, refining, and drying, using fish scales or fish skin as raw materials.

Fish Collagen Peptide not only has physiological regulation function, but also has high nutritional value. Its protein content is more than 90% and contains 19 kinds of amino acids. It is in line with people's pursuit of nutrition and health in the world today. It is very easy to be a small molecule protein peptide. It is absorbed and used by the human body without allergic reaction, and it can also promote the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Function &Application:
Fish collagen peptide

1. Beauty

2. Improve immunity

3. Prevent and improve osteoporosis

4. Maintain joint health

5. Lose weight

6. Inhibit cancer cells
Product Website: www.bgherbalextract.com/chemical/dietary-supplement/fish-collagen-peptide.html
Company Description
Xi 'an Bingo Biochem Technology CO., LTD.
Address:ShaanXiShaanXiXiAnweiyang88 Jiazi North Taihua Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Descption:Xi'an bingo biochem technology co., LTD. is specialized in R&D and production the effective chemical composition from natural biological and the fine chemicals apply to the special field.
Depends on the rich resourse of Chinese herbal medicine in the shaanxi qinba mountains and the Strong Research Capability of universities in xi”an,custom and market oriented, Customize
variety natural products and fine chemical products which meet
the demands of the customers and the market.
We have 30 employees, especially 18 of them are senior or medium grade technicians, 5 of them are licensed pharmacists (Chinese traditional medicine),etc.Set up the joint lab with xi 'an jiaotong university, northwest university, xi 'an university of science and technology, xi 'an university of technology and other colleges.
We have 2 standard factory ,including 4 standard production line, 2 pilot production line , 1 GMP standard workshop and the independent testing and R&D center.We also equipped advanced detection and experimental apparatus such as gaseous phase、 iquid phase、ultrasound etc.
The main natural products active products includes all kinds of fruit and vegetable powder, Phosphatidylserine、luteolin、inulin、bromelain、papain、resveratrol、amygdalin etc.
These products are apply to the food 、health care、 cosmetics、 pharmaceutical、 chemical、 veterinary drug etc. production enterprise all over the world.
Fine chemical products mainly include fluorescent powder, water treatment agent, special varieties of fungicides and other fine chemical products.
Registered Capital:100
Xi 'an Bingo Biochem Technology CO., LTD.
Company Website: www.bgherbalextract.com

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