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Portable Generator Load Bank5

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Portable Generator Load Bank5

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Product Name:Portable Generator Load Bank
Product Description:
R100kW/400V/50Hz load bank is a small generator load bank customized by rata for customers in March 2022. It is a low-voltage pure resistive load bank with rated current of 145A, power factor of 1.0, step setting of 1kW, 2*2kW, 5kW, 9*10kW and weight of 180Kg. Its control panel includes phase sequence indicator, electrical instrument, low air volume alarm, fan start switch and other functions.
Product Website: www.cnloadbank.com
Company Description
Deyang Rata Technology Co., Ltd
Address:SichuanSichuanDeyangLuojiangEast Section of Hongyu Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Luojiang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province
Descption:Deyang Rata Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is located in Jinshan Industrial Park, Luojiang District, Deyang City. Rata is an ISO9001:2012 quality management system certification enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. Since its establishment, Rata has obtained 16 utility model patent certificates and 8 computer software copyright registration certificates.

Rata's main products include medium and low voltage resistive load banks, resistive reactive load banks, rack mounted load banks, electronic loads and battery dischargers, etc. the products are mainly used in large shipyards and power plants at home and abroad, generator on load test operation, transformer test, UPS power supply test and storage battery discharge point test, etc. In addition, Rata provides users with perfect system solutions such as ship shore power, data center, new energy and grid adaptability experiment.

Rata has a perfect technological innovation system and strong R & D capability. For many years, it adheres to the policy of "quality first, customer first", and serves all major fields at home and abroad in good faith. The product quality is reliable and the price is reasonable, which is deeply favored by the majority of users.
Registered Capital:500
Deyang Rata Technology Co., Ltd
Company Website: www.cnloadbank.com

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