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Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line61

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Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line61

Ref: SGC173175
Product Name:Stainless Steel Cut to Length Line
Product Description:
Function of cut to length line:

A CTL will take a jumbo coil, flatten and cut to length sections to a precise length and stack the sheets into a bundle. Machine will be designed according to the width, thickness and incoming coil weight. The strip is fed through the line quickly and then decelerated and comes to a complete stop. The stationary shear fires and a sheet is produced to a predetermined length.

Main procedures:

Loading coils→ decoiling → pinching, 2hi precision leveling → looping→ guiding → length detecting → shearing → conveying → stacking → unloading cut sheets → packing

Main Specifications:

a) Raw Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel

b) Raw Material Thickness: 0.3mm~2.0mm

c) Raw Material Width : 500~12500mm

d) Outer mother roll diameter: 800mm~1500mm(max)

e) Inner mother roll diameter: Φ460mm~Φ520mm

f) Maximum loading weight: 8tons(MAX)

g) Length to be cut: 500~4,000mm

h) Cutting accuracy:

i. Length accuracy:≤±0.3mm(based on 1000mm)

ii. Diagonal accuracy: ≤±0.6mm(based on 1000mm)

i) Working speed: (thickness <1.0mm)

50pcx/min (length less than 500mm)

35pcx/min (length less than 800mm)

32pcx/min (length less than 1000mm)

28pcx/min (length less than 1500mm)

22pcx/min (length less than 2500mm)

j) Stacking height: 500mm
Product Website: www.fs-slitter.com/cut-to-length-line/coil-cut-to-length-line/stainless-steel-cut-to-length-line.html
Company Description
Foshan Hong Zhong Machinery Co. Ltd
Address:GuangdongGuangdongFoshanNanhaiFloor A of No. 3, No. 12, Kebao Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China
Descption:Foshan Hong Zhong Machinery Co. Ltd. is one integrated equipment manufacturer focusing on design, research and development, production, sales, international trade and ancillary services on coil slitting line, cut to length line. Foshan Hong Zhong Machinery was built in 2014, which is located in Foshan, China's Steel & Stainless Steel Center. We are next to Guangzhou, 40 minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by car.
Registered Capital:100
Foshan Hong Zhong Machinery Co. Ltd
Company Website: www.fs-slitter.com

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